Table 1 Comparison of baseline characteristics between patients with IPF and healthy controls
IPFHealthy controlsP
Serum LTBP2, ng/ml18.6 (15.4–23.0)12.2 (9.4–14.4)<0.001
Age, years71 (66–77)62 (58–76)NS
Male101 (87)27 (81)NS
Current or former smoker96 (83)NA
Smoking dose (pack-year)37 (14.5–60)NA
PaO2 on room air (Torr)76 (69–85)NA
% predicted FVC (%)73 (58–87)NA
% predicted DLCO (%)65 (50–83)NA
Serum KL-6 (U/ml)988 (644–1510)NA
Serum SP-D (ng/ml)222 (140–339)NA
Serum LDH (U/l)235 (205–266)NA
  • Data are described as n(%) or median (interquartile range). All P-values were evaluated by Fisher’s exact test or the Mann–Whitney U test as appropriate. Abbreviations: LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; NA, not available; NS, not significant; SP-D, surfactant protein-D.