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Clinical Science Immediate Publications as at 24 July 2014

23 July 2014

Direct angiotensin AT2-receptor stimulation attenuates T-cell and microglia activation and prevents demyelination in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice
Verónica Valero-Esquitino, Kristin Lucht, Pawel Namsolleck, Florianne Monnet-Tschudi, Tobias Stubbe, Franziska Lucht, Meng Liu, Friederike Ebner, Christine Brandt, Leon A. Danyel, Daniel C Villela, Ludovit Paulis, Christa Thoene-Reineke, Björn Dahlöf, Anders Hallberg, Thomas Unger, Colin Sumners and U. Muscha Steckelings

18 July 2014

Arginine infusion in septic shock patients increases nitric oxide production without hemodynamic instability
Yvette C Luiking, Martijn Poeze and Nicolaas EP Deutz

8 July 2014

Cognitive Dysfunction in Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
Amy C Arnold, Kirsten Haman, Emily M Garland, Vidya Raj, William D Dupont, Italo Biaggioni, David Robertson and Satish R Raj

24 June 2014

Feasibility of global microRNA analysis from fine-needle biopsy FFPE material in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated with sorafenib.
Jan Peveling-Oberhag, Claudia Döring, Sylvia Hartmann, Natalie Filmann, Angelika Mertens, Albrecht Piiper, Eva Herrmann, Martin-Leo Hansmann, Stefan Zeuzem, Jörg Trojan and Martin-Walter Welker

20 June 2014

Prevention of age-related endothelial dysfunction by habitual aerobic exercise in healthy humans: possible role of nuclear factor κB
Ashley E Walker, Rachelle E Kaplon, Gary L Pierce, Molly J Nowlan and Douglas R Seals

19 June 2014

Up-regulation of brain-enriched miR-107 promotes excitatory neurotoxicity through down-regulation of glutamate transporter-1 expression following ischaemic stroke
Zhong-Bao Yang, Zhen Zhang, Ting-Bo Li, Zheng Lou, Shu-Yu Li, Huan Yang, Jie Yang, Xiu-Ju Luo and Jun Peng

18 June 2014

The inverse agonist propranolol confers no corticosteroid-sparing activity in mild-to-moderate persistent asthma
William J Anderson, Philip M Short, Peter A Williamson, Arvind Manoharan and Brian J Lipworth

17 June 2014

NOD1 receptor is up-regulated in diabetic human and murine myocardium
Patricia Prieto, María Teresa Vallejo-Cremades, Gemma Benito, Pilar Gonzalez-Peramato, Daniel E Francés, Noelia Agra, Veronica Terrón, Silvia Gonzalez-Ramos, Carmen Delgado, Mariano Ruiz-Gayo, Ivette Pacheco, Juan P Velasco-Martín, Javier Regadera, Paloma Martín Sanz, Eduardo Lopez-Collazo, Lisardo Boscá and Maria Fernandez-Velasco

28 May 2014

Imatinib mesylate stimulates low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1-mediated ERK phosphorylation in insulin-producing cells
Rikard Göran Fred, Santosh Kumar Boddeti, Marcus Lundberg and Nils Welsh

16 April 2014

Ectopic lipid storage in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is not mediated by impaired mitochondrial oxidative capacity in skeletal muscle
Daniel J. Cuthbertson, Andrew Irwin, Christopher J. A. Pugh, Helen Jones, Victoria Spencer Sprung, Christina Daousi, Valerie L. Adams, William E. Bimson, Fariba Shojaee-moradie, A. Margot Umpleby, John P. Wilding, Graham J. Kemp and Paul Richardson

1 April 2014

Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation for refractory epilepsy: a randomized controlled trial
Peijing Rong, Aihua Liu, Jianguo Zhang, Yuping Wang, Wei He, Anchao Yang, Liang Li, Hui Ben, Liping Li, Huanguang Liu, Peng Wu, Rupeng Liu, Yufeng Zhao, Jianliang Zhang, Feng Huang, Xia Li and Bing Zhu

21 December 2009

β-arrestin 1 contributes to primary biliary cirrhosis
Anmei Deng, Dingkang Yao, Sunxiao Chen, Chang Liu, Jiuhong Kang, Ye Zhou, Hongyu Yu, Cheng Qian, Chuanyong Wu, Tingwang Jiang, Renqian Zhong and Gang Pei

17 July 2008

MicroRNA profile in peripheral blood T cells of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis
Cheng Qian, Dingkang Yao, Tingwang Jiang, Sunxiao Chen, Chuanyong Wu, Ye Zhou, Mingli Gu, Bo Chen, Yan Chen, Lingzhen Zhang, Anmei Deng and Renqian Zhong