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Clinical Science Immediate Publications as at 2 October 2014

15 September 2014

Angiotensin-(1-7) decreases skeletal muscle atrophy induced by angiotensin II through a Mas receptor-dependent mechanism
Franco Cisternas, María Gabriela Morales, Carla Meneses, Felipe Simon, Enrique Brandan, Johanna Abrigo, Yaneisi Vazquez and Claudio Cabello-Verrugio

9 September 2014

BMP7 reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in diabetic tubulopathy
Rui Xi Li, Wai Han Yiu, Hao Jia Wu, Dickson W. L. Wong, Loretta Y. Y. Chan, Miao Lin, Joseph C. K. Leung, Kar Neng Lai and Sydney CW Tang

Chronic dehydration is associated with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
Simon N Thornton and Marie Trabalon

19 August 2014

Skeletal muscle work efficiency with age: the role of non-contractile processes
Gwenael Layec, Corey R Hart, Joel Douglas Trinity, Yann Le Fur, Eun-Kee Jeong and Russell S Richardson

30 July 2014

CXCR4 dysfunction in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in mice and patients
Hédia Boujedidi, Olivier Robert, Alexandre Bignon, Anne-Marie Cassard-Doulcier, Marie-Laure Renoud, Hélène Gary-Gouy, Patrice Hemon, Hugo Tharinger, Sophie Prévot, Francoise Bachelerie, Sylvie Naveau, Dominique Emilie, Karl Balabanian and Gabriel Perlemuter

29 July 2014

Prevention of oxidative stress, inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction in the intestine by different cranberry phenolic fractions
Marie C Denis, Yves Desjardins, Alexandra Furtos, Valerie Marcil, Stéphanie Dudonné, Alain Montoudis, Carole Garofalo, Edgard Delvin, André Marette and Emile Levy

1 April 2014

Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation for refractory epilepsy: a randomized controlled trial
Peijing Rong, Aihua Liu, Jianguo Zhang, Yuping Wang, Wei He, Anchao Yang, Liang Li, Hui Ben, Liping Li, Huanguang Liu, Peng Wu, Rupeng Liu, Yufeng Zhao, Jianliang Zhang, Feng Huang, Xia Li and Bing Zhu

21 December 2009

β-arrestin 1 contributes to primary biliary cirrhosis
Anmei Deng, Dingkang Yao, Sunxiao Chen, Chang Liu, Jiuhong Kang, Ye Zhou, Hongyu Yu, Cheng Qian, Chuanyong Wu, Tingwang Jiang, Renqian Zhong and Gang Pei

17 July 2008

MicroRNA profile in peripheral blood T cells of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis
Cheng Qian, Dingkang Yao, Tingwang Jiang, Sunxiao Chen, Chuanyong Wu, Ye Zhou, Mingli Gu, Bo Chen, Yan Chen, Lingzhen Zhang, Anmei Deng and Renqian Zhong