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Clinical Science Immediate Publications as at 25 October 2014

15 October 2014

Age-associated telomere attrition of lymphocytes in vivo is co-ordinated with changes in telomerase activity, composition of lymphocyte subsets and health conditions
Yun Lin, Amanda Damjanovic, E Jeffrey Metter, Huy Nguyen, Thai Truong, Kevin Najarro, Christa Morris, Dan L Longo, Ming Zhan, Luigi Ferrucci, Richard J Hodes and Nan-Ping Weng

8 October 2014

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation prevents muscle wasting in critically ill comatose patients
Marlou L. Dirks, Dominique Hansen, Aime Van Assche, Paul Dendale and Luc J.C. Van Loon

7 October 2014

Inter-relationships between proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9, apolipoprotein C-III and plasma apolipoprotein B-48 transport in obese subjects: a stable isotope study in the postprandial state
Dick C Chan, Annette T Y Wong, Jing Pang, P Hugh R Barrett and Gerald F Watts

15 September 2014

Angiotensin-(1-7) decreases skeletal muscle atrophy induced by angiotensin II through a Mas receptor-dependent mechanism
Franco Cisternas, María Gabriela Morales, Carla Meneses, Felipe Simon, Enrique Brandan, Johanna Abrigo, Yaneisi Vazquez and Claudio Cabello-Verrugio

1 April 2014

Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation for refractory epilepsy: a randomized controlled trial
Peijing Rong, Aihua Liu, Jianguo Zhang, Yuping Wang, Wei He, Anchao Yang, Liang Li, Hui Ben, Liping Li, Huanguang Liu, Peng Wu, Rupeng Liu, Yufeng Zhao, Jianliang Zhang, Feng Huang, Xia Li and Bing Zhu

21 December 2009

β-arrestin 1 contributes to primary biliary cirrhosis
Anmei Deng, Dingkang Yao, Sunxiao Chen, Chang Liu, Jiuhong Kang, Ye Zhou, Hongyu Yu, Cheng Qian, Chuanyong Wu, Tingwang Jiang, Renqian Zhong and Gang Pei

17 July 2008

MicroRNA profile in peripheral blood T cells of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis
Cheng Qian, Dingkang Yao, Tingwang Jiang, Sunxiao Chen, Chuanyong Wu, Ye Zhou, Mingli Gu, Bo Chen, Yan Chen, Lingzhen Zhang, Anmei Deng and Renqian Zhong